Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recent Pics

We have been super busy lately, but here are some recent pics, including some of my sister, Tiffany, and her new baby.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween and More

This year was the first year that Ethan was really old enough to trick-or-treat...The week before Halloween we had a trunk-or-treat at our church, which we all had fun at. Then on Halloween we went to another church's trunk-or-treat. I have decided I kinda like the trunk-or-treat thing. It is alot easier for little children who do not have the patience to walk a whole neighborhood. We have found out that Ethan's favorite Halloween candy is suckers...during both events, once he got a sucker he stuck it in his mouth and would replace it with another as soon as one was gone. Soooo messy, but he loved it.

If you can't tell from the pics, Ethan is supposed to be a bat ($5 at Old Navy..can't beat it!) and Cara is a pink tiger.

Here are some Halloween Pics....better late than never, right?? :-)...and a couple of random cute ones.

I came across this picture the other day and thought it was soo cute...This is Ethan about a year ago...They grow up way too fast.

I will post my work recipes soon, since I am back to work now. It is next on my agenda :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dad's 50th B-day...

So my dad's 50th b-day was quite the day...the kids and I got up early and went to my parents house to wake Papa up and have breakfast with him..which was really fun. That afternoon my mom, the kids, and I were off to go to Tiff's volleyball game and I got in a nasty accident...needless to say the van was totalled. Thankfully Ethan and Cara were not hurt at all!! I had some big bumps on my head and bruises on my legs but nothing permanent. My poor mother broke her thumb and tore the ligaments that go to her thumb so she is in a cast for 8-10 weeks. So we were at the Quick Care until 8pm, which kinda put a damper on my dad's b-day. We did go to a late dinner at Applebee's (Dad's favorite). On Friday we made up for it and had a surprise b-day party for him. It went really well and there were lots of people there.

My New Van...
Yesterday my husband went to PA and picked up our new van (new to us). We got a really good deal and it is super nice! I will post some pics soon of my new toy :-) Hopefully other cars will stay away!!

Here is a couple of recent pics for your enjoyment

Papa, Ethan, and Cara...not the best pick, but it was real early in the am, so they have an excuse :-)

Me and My Honey..Aren't we cute!

Ethan at the party...look at those eyes!

Tiff and Bryan at the party.

The Collins Clan (and Cliffords and Hapers)
Note: Ethan is biting me in this picture, I tried to keep a smile, but it was kinda hard! I have no clue why he bit me, he was not mad at all, totally random!

Another pic of The Collins Clan
Note: I handed Ethan over to Bryan...He would never bite him!

Cara-how she sleeps best...SWADDLED

My Little Ones (It is so hard to get a 2 year old and a 2 month old to smile at the same time!..)

Cara sleeping again...I thought she looked real cute with her arm above her head all comfy in mom and dad's bed.

Our we normally don't have all those signs in it, we woke up one morning to this...wonder who did it ??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cara's Blessing and Random Pics

So, I have not been posting alot lately, but I have a good excuse...2 children under the age of 2...need I say more!

Cara was blessed this past weekend and Andy's parents were able to come down for it, which was great. The blessing was beautiful...I think my children's blessings are the only times that I have seen my husband get emotional. The in-laws visit was also great. We went out to eat alot (Yum Yum) and we played lots of "Hand and Foot". Here are a couple of pics for your enjoyment.

Ethan all ready for church...what a cute boy (now if we could just get rid of that binkie)

Happy Family after blessing

My parents and us

Andy's parents and us

The whole gang

Cara's First Bath

This is how my little girl likes to sleep!

Brother and sweet!!

Sleeping Beauty